Sky High!!!

sky high

Tonight is our outing to sky high! It’s $30 for those of you who haven’t paid yet. Also, when you get dropped off at Flint tonight, 7pm, make sure to have your parent come inside to sign the liability form. Please don’t invite friends because we have a limited number of spots for this year. Hope to see you guys there!


Merry Christmas Kids!

I hope you guys are celebrating the birth of Jesus our Lord and Savior, spending time with your family, and getting great gifts! Merry Christmas and enjoy this video that Charlotte made of the counselors:

You asked for them. And now they’re here. Get yours now!

194$10 will score you one of these sweet tees. Find a Flint counselor Friday or Sunday to get yours!

March Madness

March madness is coming! Click through the picture for more info!


Operation Dream! Collecting Cans!

Hey Flinters and Parents! This Saturday, December 1, Flint will be taking part in collecting canned foods to donate to needy children in Haiti. We will be going around to nearby neighborhoods in Walnut to collect canned foods. Counselors and Parent Volunteers will be assigned to a group of kids as they go door to door asking for cans in a particular neighborhood. All of the cans will be given to Operation Dream, whom then donates the cans to the children in Haiti. Everyone will meet at VOH this Saturday at 2:30pm and we will be finished and back at church by 5pm. Please wear a black T-shirt so that we can all be in uniform. Check out this clip for a better understanding of Operation Dream: