About Us

We are Flint @ VOH, a group of crazy, pre-adolescents led by crazy post-grads who come together every Friday to wreck havoc in the ultimate act of loving Jesus.

We meet EVERY FRIDAY at 7:30pm at
Vineyard of Harvest
21167 Commerce Point Dr
Walnut, CA 91789


Flint is all about having fun, building relationships, and being like Jesus. Here at Flint, our values are…

– Caring– We listen, encourage, pray for and are there for each other, especially through hurts and insecurities.

– Family– We love giving others a sense of belonging and ownership. We are family here at Flint!

– Innovation– We find new ways to do old things!

– Safety & Security– We strive to create an environment where we are protected and nurtured physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

– Fun– At the end of the day, it’s a joy to participate in what God is doing and we have fun doing it!


Our vision is to help young people develop Christ-like character through Christ-centered relationships. We accomplish this in 4 ways.

1) Fun times: Through games and good times, our weekly Friday nights and events help promote bonding moments for community, comfort, and conversation between the youth and counselors.

2) Godly Teaching: Through establishing a relationship with Jesus and learning more about His character, youth learn how to be more like Him and live out godly values.

3) Safe Sharing: Flint is a safe and encouraging place for us to share and find accountability about our struggles, insecurities, and questions.

4) Joyful Service: Flint is committed to living out what we learn about and serving in various ways that will bless our community.


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